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I write reviews for a U.S. based website called The Simple Moms, which is a review site owned and written by a talented and honest group of moms. We look to find and showcase a wide variety of relevant, interesting and well-designed products geared toward women and their families. 

“Mom blogs” have been creating buzz and generating consumer awareness for a wide variety of products, with a significant impact on readers’ share of mind. When consumers read about a product endorsed by someone just like them (a mom, a real person), that product sticks in their mind as something worthwhile, and creates consumer confidence. That comes into play when they make their shopping choices. Therefore, companies can benefit greatly from the influence of reviews by The Simple Moms.

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Jessica Shevlin
Contributing Writer at The Simple Moms blog

Product Reviews by Category

Art, Crafts and Paper Goods

A Bit of Applause for Mrs. Claus & Santa is Coming to California from Sourcebooks
The Bear Went Over The Mountain by Iza Trapani
Cooper & Me children's book by Monique and Alexa Peters
Cooper & Me and the Winter Adventure children's book by Monique and Alexa Peters
Count the Sheep to Sleep by Philippa Rae
Get Cooking! by Doni Zasloff Thomas and Rachel Harkham
My Monster Burrufu children's book by Alberto Corral
My Own Story personalized printable stories
My Teenage Werewolf book by Lauren Kessler
The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach to Baby's First Year by Megan McGrory Massaro & Miriam J. Katz
1,033 Reasons to Smile book by Elizabeth Dutton

Clothing and Fashion
Wink Shapewear

Cloth Diapering
Biokleen Bac-Out {diaper wash aid}
Kissed by the Moon Cloth Diaper Shop {Cloth Diaper Event 2011}
Kissed by the Moon Cloth Diaper Shop {Cloth Diaper Event 2012}
Zippy Doo Cloth Diapers

Cooking, Dining & Home Goods
Fiesta Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin China
Today I Ate a Rainbow healthy eating tool for kids

Eco-Friendly Products

Food and Recipes

Music & Media
Orange Sherbet Delicious CD

Outdoor Fun

Personal Care

Tech Geekery
Clip-N-Clamp Unipod for Cameras, Smart Phones and Tablets
ConXt Online Address Book
FoundIt ID Tags

Toys & Games
Super Duper Inc. Learning Games (Yogarilla Yoga Activity Deck and Webber Photo Flash Cards)
Tolly Tots Disney Princess Dolls
Ye Gingerbread Cottage

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