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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Honey Bear's Lemon'ores {Making S'mores with Girl Scout Lemonades Cookies} :: Recipe Hack

My friend and I were talking about camping, and I mentioned that one of my daughter's girl scout leaders suggested using Girl Scout Thanks-a-Lot cookies to make S'mores. When she told me about this s'more hack, I got super excited and immediately made a mental note to add Thanks-a-Lots to my camping checklist!

My friend wasn't as thrilled by this new wonder. He debated that nothing can replace traditional S'mores, nor can anything be called a S'more except that ooey-gooey delicious combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow. (He's a food purist.)

Agreed. Good point.

But, I argued, they will still be delicious.

Agreed. Fair enough.

We sat in amiable silence for a few moments, dreaming of campfires and gooey treats. Then I wondered out loud, "I wonder if a S'more made with Lemonades would be good..." and started picturing lovely, melty, lemon meringue pie flavored s'mores...

...and he immediately said, "Yeah, you could call them Honey Bear's Lemon'ores!" (He's also an innovative linguist.)

Lemonades + S'Mores = Lemon'ores!


This is the easiest recipe ever... instead of using graham crackers and chocolate to make S'mores, use Girl Scout Lemonades Cookies! Perfectly roast a marshmallow and squish it between two delectable Lemonades... and enjoy this lovely, lemony delicacy while surrounded by nature and stars!

We then proceeded to dub the Thanks-a-Lot cookie hack as Thanks'mores (because, as we agreed, nothing but a S'more is actually a S'more).

And a new camping tradition was born!

Next year I'll be stocking up on Lemonades and Thanks-a-Lots! More so than usual... :) Thankfully I have enough in reserve from the March Girl Scout Cookie sales to try these new treats this summer!