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Litwits Reading Club

The Litwits Reading Club
Reading Between the Wines {and Beers}
A Drinking Club for Readers 
{or a Reading Club for Drinkers, whichever strikes your fancy} 

Calling all Bookworms, Bookaholics, Bibliophiles, Lovers of Literature, Grammar Nazis, Vinophiles and Beer Geeks!

Do you like to read? Do you like hanging out with other awesome women and talking about what you are reading {and other life stuff}? Do you like snacks and alcoholic beverages? Do you need a night out without your kids? Then this club is for you!

This is a casual, ladies’ night style reading club. At each meeting we will discuss books/publications that we are currently reading, books that we love, books that we are interested in reading, etc. There are no required readings in The LitWits reading club; however, we will choose books that we wish to read as a group, and those who wish to read that book may choose to do so. But no one is required to read the same book if they are not interested in the book chosen. We will discuss the group book along with any personal reads at each meeting.

Come talk about a book you are reading, a magazine you glossed over at the doctor’s office, a blog with which you’re obsessed, a children’s book that you read to your toddler at bedtime, or an article you read on your smart phone in the car in the driveway before the meeting… as long as it contains words, it’s fair game for discussion! If you are looking for a structured club with assigned readings and pre-prepared discussion questions, this is not the club for you. This is meant to be a comfortable, fun and welcoming group of women who happen to like/love to read, but more importantly, want to have quality conversations with other women. And drink wine/beer/cider.

Meetings will be held approximately every 3 weeks on a Tuesday.

Each member must bring a bottle of wine or craft beer and a light appetizer and/or sweet treats. Nothing fancy is required. However, because this is just once a month, we must feast heartily on goodies, so everyone is required to pitch in with yummies.

An RSVP is required as a courtesy to the hosting house. Please RSVP at least a few days in advance. But even if you forget and need to RSVP the day of the meeting, that’s ok, because it’s always helpful to know who will be showing up (or not showing up).

You must arrange for a ride home if you plan on drinking enough to be tipsy. Drunk driving will not be tolerated in the Litwits Reading Club. We are all intelligent women; let’s stay smart.

I would like for us to come up with a "what we are all reading/would like to read in the future/books we have read and loved" list. Please see The Litwits Pinterest page to view the books we have shared with each other so far. Please feel free to email me at any time with suggestions for the list.

If you live in the greater Sacramento area and are interested in joining the Litwits Reading Club or have a book to suggest for the reading list, please email me at jessica{at}wildflowersunshine{dot}com.

The Rory Gilmore Reading List

{This information is subject to change and is up for discussion. This page will be updated as the club discusses what direction we wish to take with this club.}
*page updated April 12, 2013*