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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recipe :: Healthy Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Lettuce Green SaladHere's the salad dressing that I've been using on my Arbonne 30 Days to Feeling Fit program.

:: Ingredients ::
Apple cider vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Minced garlic
Mrs. Dash table blend
Stevia, just a dash (totally optional, if you need to sweeten it up a bit)

I mix this in a half-pint sized Mason jar. My ratio is about 1/2 vinegar to 1/2 EVOO - ish. I just throw it together, so it's not an exact science.

I add about 2 teaspoons of minced garlic (again, this is a total estimate - I just scoop a couple globs out of the jar with my finger), a few good shakes of Mrs. Dash, and literally a tiny sprinkle of Stevia, cause that stuff is strong. I sometimes forget the Stevia all together, and I don't really miss it.

The only problem with using the mason jar is that it takes a moment to get the lid off of the jar after shaking it up, so the oil and vinegar start to separate, and the garlic starts to sink before I can get the lid off to pour.

I have 2 suggestions for an upgrade.

I just purchased this one:

...and Anne uses this one:

I just picked mine up at Target the other day, but haven't used it yet. It gets great reviews on Amazon, but I almost wish I had ordered the one Anne has because I love the built in whisk. It doesn't have very good reviews on Amazon, but Anne loves it.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Shrinking!

No Beer... oh the humanity!
Earlier this year, I decided that it was high time to lose the weight I had gained since getting pregnant.

My kiddo is 2.5, so I can't really call this "baby weight" any longer.

I've tried all kinds of diets. Low carb. Calorie counting. Cabbage soup (yummy for about the first 2 days, then it is torture). Weight Watchers Points program and Core program, at different times.

WW Core worked pretty well in the past, so I gave it a try again. But this time, I just couldn't kick my sweet tooth, and couldn't fight the carb cravings I was having. I never felt "full" or "satisfied" - this led to giving in to those pesky food cravings, which sabotaged my whole plan. No bueno.

In mid May, I went to lunch with my friend Cheri. She was slim, radiant, and energetic. *jealous* I was chubby, washed out, and exhausted.

I already knew her secret. She had told me once before about how she successfully changed her eating habits and got healthy and fit, but at the time, I wasn't ready to hear it. I was blinded by hot wings and bagels and pasta. But this time, I was desperate really ready to listen.

Cheri is an Arbonne consultant. She used their nutrition products to put herself on the path to a more healthy lifestyle.

At first, I was skeptical, but this time, I was desperate to get on that path, so I listened more openly. I decided to give it a shot. 30 Days to Feeling Fit, sign me up.

The program consists of meal replacement protein shakes (plus some other goodies) and a food plan that focuses on fresh, real, whole, lean foods. No fast food, very little processed food (if any), water and herbal teas.

And no beer. *bloodchilling scream*

No, not forever. *sigh of relief* Just for the first 30 days. I thought this part would be agony...

But really, the point is to give your body 30 days of really healthy stuff, to kind of program it to crave the healthy stuff instead of the crap.

30 days. I can do this.

I'll be honest, the first couple of days was a tiny bit difficult, and it took a good week to get the hang of the food program. The hubs helped me by cleaning off an entire shelf of the pantry so that my special healthy food items could have a home, and that helped a ton.

After that initial push and learning curve, it has been so easy. Seriously.

I no longer have cravings for bread, pasta and baked goods. They are in the house, but I just pass them by. I make healthy choices when we go out to eat (our dining-out has decreased dramatically since I started this program), and am always conscious of what I'm putting in my body.

I've been using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to track my food (and, as a result, calories) so that I know what's working and what's not.

As of today... DAY 30... I've lost 12 pounds. 

12 pounds down!
I just ordered my second 30-day supply of Arbonne goodies, so the plan is to keep on trucking until I lose all of the "baby weight" that my body has been so reluctant to give up. Plus the "happy marriage weight" that I've gained since our wedding.

I have a long road ahead, but because of the results I've seen so far, I'm extremely determined.

I won't lie, this program isn't cheap, but it's so worth it. Especially since our grocery/dining-out bills have shrunk along with my waistline. I think it has about balanced itself out, financially.

But even if it hadn't, this is worth it. This is the first time I've been on a "diet" that has worked and is not discouraging or difficult. It's easy, HEALTHY and effective.

Now I just need to get my lazy butt in gear to exercise. Can you imagine my results if I was doing more than just taking 30 minute walks a few times a week?

Swimsuit season, here I come!