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Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Smiles

It truly is amazing how much a baby's smile can fix anything.

Have a crap day at the office?  BABY SMILE TO THE RESCUE!  Is traffic on the way home have you teetering on the verge of road rage?  BABY SMILE TO THE RESCUE!  Is the long line in the supermarket making you want to throw grapes at the checker to make him hurry up?  BABY SMILE TO THE RESCUE!

Seriously, it is amazing how much Lily's smile helps my tension melt away.  And Jim's too.  He becomes putty when she smiles at him.  There are times that he gets home from a business trip totally worn out from uncomfortable hotel beds and long plane flights, and the minute he sees her smile, his energy is restored.  I wish we could bottle and sell her smile.  We'd be billionaires in a week.

She smiles when you say her name (she loves her name!).  She loves her dog and smiles like crazy when he is playing fetch with daddy.  But my all time favorite smile is first thing in the morning, when she opens her pretty blue eyes, sees me and hears me say, "good morning, Lily!"  She just lights up like a Christmas tree.  It sets every day in a positive direction.  Who needs caffeine?  (ok, ok, I still need my caffeine!)

I'm so grateful for my family.  They truly make the world go round!

Here are some Lily-Smiles to improve YOUR day!




  1. She is definitely a cutie! I miss my daughter being at that age. Soon I'll have a little boy to look forward to that stage with :)

  2. I completely agree! Also on my list are: I WUV you, mama! and great big unexpected hugs from my biggest boy!


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