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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home Brew Tasting Notes {Honey Porter}

The Honey Porter Kit specs.
Back in April, Jim and I brewed a batch of Honey Porter.  You can read the post here.

Ok, before I begin, I must apologize.  I have had this post sitting in DRAFT form since June 29 when we finished off the last pint...  and I was only able to get a photo of HALF OF A PINT because Jim was so enthusiastic about drinking this batch...

Jim: This was a great batch *raises 1/2 full pint glass to the light*

Me: Was...? *eyebrow raised in accusation*

Jim: The keg just popped. *gives me a very "innocent" look because he knows I only got a single pint to myself at best - I'm breastfeeding, I'm only allowed a beer a day!*

Me: *mouth open, speechless, accusatory eyes narrowed*

Jim: What? *with a laughing sparkle in his eye... innocent my ass*

So I absconded with the 1/2 pint, took a crappy photo (sorry!) and sat down to savor my plunder.  A better beer blogger would have been more punctual with a review of HER OWN BEER!  Sigh.

Now, on to the tasting!

After 3 weeks in the carboy, the beer was transferred to a corny keg for secondary fermentation.  Somewhere around the end of May, we tasted the beer, and it was a little flat, so we let it sit for another week.  Then Jim couldn't help himself and had to bust into it with reckless abandon.

The carbonation was "ok" but it really never gave a good foamy head.  Granted, in this photo, half of the pint had already been consumed by my rascal of a husband, so the fact that there's foam remaining is a good indicator that it may have had a decent head.

It had a very mild roasty-sweet scent, and a nice mellow honeyed-malt flavor.  It was light enough to be a session beer (hence why a whole 5 gallon keg disappeared before I knew it), however I have yet to buy a hydrometer and learn how to use it, so I am not sure of the final ABV.

I think that if we make this beer again, it needs more honey and maybe some more black malt.  And we need to try keeping our corny keg at a slightly higher temperature so that the carbonation kicks up more quickly.  All in all, though, a successful batch.



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