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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I like to play with my balls...

Get your mind out of the gutter!  I'm talking about my Big Crazy Balls from Lucky Hanks on Etsy!  Geez, what were YOU thinking?

I originally wanted to contact Theresa at Lucky Hanks because I wanted to review her wool dryer balls, but then I saw her Big Crazy Balls... the resulting review {and giveaway, ending 12/15 at midnight!} can be found on SIMPLE.

I wanted to share some excerpts from the conversations behind the scenes of this project.  Bear in mind, I don't know Theresa except from this review... but I've come out of it with a friend for sure!  We have a lotta balls between us.

Hi Theresa!  I never thought I would say something like this, but I LOVE YOUR BIG CRAZY BALLS! HA, that was fun!  Ok, down to business....

...Last Christmas I had a really good conversation going with family about my wool dryer balls. 
"people love my balls" 
"people can't wait to get their hands on my balls" 
"I ship my balls all over the world, even Australia" then after that there was some joke about my balls "going down under" 
LOL it really never gets old.... 

I want to get MY hands on your big crazy balls. I was originally drawn to your shop because of your wool dryer balls, but then I saw the big crazy balls and fell balls-deep in love.  

Anyone can have fun with my balls. Just wait till you have your next party with friends, everyone will be asking 
"where did you get your new balls?" 
"your balls in the living room really spruce up your sofa!" 
"you get to write about whose balls?" 
"you let your daughter play with what again?" 
this one is really good... "Honey go lie down on the sofa and rest your head on my balls while I make dinner" then you can tell your friends that your husband fell asleep on your balls. 
LMBO. Laugh my balls off - of course. giggle giggle

Gotta hit the {ball} sack for tonight. HA!

You are an amazing writer. Just the person I would want working on this piece about my balls.

I'm on the couch cuddling your balls right now, they are keeping me warm. For real though, they are! 

After reading this and my review, you know you want to get your hands on Theresa's balls too.  Enter the giveaway, and go shopping at Lucky Hanks today!



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