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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beer Tasting Notes {gross single hop IPAs from Hermitage Brewing}

I have to apologize for not posting this sooner.  I just came across my tasting notes while cleaning up my desk at home, and I realized that I hadn't blogged about it because we hated these beers... but then I realized that I NEEDED TO WARN YOU ABOUT THESE MONSTROSITIES, so here I am.  I even took the time to search my computer for this photo so that you could burn the image to memory and not accidentally purchase one of these on a whim.

I hesitate to give you individual tasting notes on these, because they were horrible failures in brewing.  But I can tell you what I thought going into this experience, and what little I got out of it.

7% ABV.  I expected a pleasant, floral, citrusy hop profile from a beer spiced exclusively with a hop called Citra.  But it was full of bitter, stale, dank orange peel.  Yuck.

7% ABV.  This one had an astringent, metallic flavor that was just nasty.  It tasted like dirty-gym-sock tea.  I'd rather drink cough syrup.

7% ABV.  Sour, raw bitterness, not pleasantly so.  Chewing on pine needles soaked in brine would be less disgusting.

This was my first and last experience with Hermitage.  I won't be wasting my hard earned money on this brewery again.  That is hard for me to say because I adore and fully support craft breweries... but these beers were way too far from the bulls-eye for my taste... or anyone's taste, who has good taste.  So don't taste these.  



  1. I love that you give "warnings" and not just recommendations! This post actually made me laugh and I'll be showing some friends so they don't make the same mistake. :) Thanks!

  2. Hilarious!!! Thanks for the warning...nothing worse than a sub-par beer!!

    debbie m

  3. I was gonna say you're full of shit but let's just say I disagree. I had the Columbus tonight and it was delicious.

  4. Worldisc:

    There's no need to use foul language when commenting on blog posts. I am completely open to comments that disagree with my opinions, but using foul language turns a friendly debate into an ugly debate. Bad form. The only reason I published your comment at all is because I don't believe in only posting "positive" comments. I really wish you'd left the cursing out of it, though. I'd also be interested to read your tasting notes on the Columbus - if you think I'm so full of it, prove me wrong!

    Wildflower Sunshine


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