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Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Wear a Beret when you have Crazy Curly Hair

I have curly hair.  Frizzy, unruly, has-a-mind-of-its-own curly hair.  On the day I took these photos, I was  having a pretty decent hair day, and I had just received a gorgeous beret from my new Etsy friend Julie Mack of Rotten Cupcakes.  But what I didn't realize was that I had NO idea how to put a beret on my head!!  So I experimented...

 Pigtails? I think not. I look like a little kid.

Over the forehead? At first I thought not {as you can tell by my expression}, however it's kinda growing on me... what do you think? Does it just look like a tiny condom instead of a beret?

To the side, Parisian-style! Beret, Je t'aime!
{excuse the kissy face - it was supposed to reflect the City of Love look, but instead I look like a dork}

Ok, now this is the style I think I can rock on a regular basis.  I have that curly hair problem where my hair is all volume at the tips, but totally flat on top - the beret hides it!!  Woo hoo!

Now head over to SIMPLE and read my review of this awesome beret!



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