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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ballet Flats :: how did I NOT buy a pair of these before now?

Apparently I missed the bus with the ballet flat phenomenon. In my defense, I rarely change up my shoe style because my forays into unknown footwear territory usually end with band-aids on my Achilles, blisters on my soles or with not-so-cute-after-all/fugly shoes collecting dust at the bottom of my closet. So I essentially ignored the ballet flats because I didn't want to add yet another uncomfortable or not-my-style pair of shoes to my shoe graveyard. I'll keep on truckin' with my flip flops, wedges and tennies, thank-you-very-much.

But I have to thank my friends Sarah and Blanca for opening my eyes to how AMAZING ballet flats really are. Sarah recently reviewed a pair of handmade leather ballet flats, and when she mentioned the words "comfortable," "feminine" and "chasing a toddler" I immediately wanted these magically versatile shoes! Yes please! But because I have about 2 brain cells that work these days and rarely have time to go shoe shopping anymore, I forgot to look for a pair to call my own. 

But then my friend Blanca came to work wearing these fabulous ballet flats in a lovely blush color that is no longer available on the site - good thing too cause I didn't want to be tempted to drop $90 on them! She let me try them on and I immediately fell in love - cute, comfortable, and work-appropriate to boot! My inner shoe fiend took over those 2 brain cells and ballet flats have been all I have thought about since. 

I started shopping online and found that ballet flats come in all kinds of colors and materials (leather, fabric, etc.)... shopping online is like shoe heaven! But I didn't want to wait for shoes to be shipped to me a week from now, I wanted immediate shopping gratification dammit! So I made up a quick grocery list of stuff that's "cheaper at Target" to give myself a reason to go shopping somewhere other than Safeway. I crossed my fingers in hopes that I would find something that was even close to a style that I'd actually wear, and made a beeline for the shoe section... and *angels singing* they had the perfect ballet flats in my size (my PRE-pregnancy size actually!!) for just $20! If you shop the Target shoe section with any frequency you know how amazing it is to find your size in the shoes you fall in love with! Check them out:

I'm so excited! I can wear these to work, to the store, to a party, in the backyard while chasing Lily around... they are brilliant! They are cute and style-neutral, and can be worn with anything from jeans to dresses! And the best part - they are COMFORTABLE! I've been wearing them all day and haven't had one hint of pain on my Achilles. Talk about the most functional shoe on the planet! 

Moral of the story: if you are a busy mom who needs comfortable and versatile footwear and you do not have ballet flats, please run out and get a pair RIGHT NOW! You won't regret it. You're welcome.

And stop laughing at me because you've been wearing ballet flats for years already. :)


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