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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Ultimate Oxymoron :: Summer Cold

The very last thing a momma wants on the first day of summer is for her kiddo to come down with a cold. And that's exactly what Lily did yesterday. My poor girl is snotty and coughing, which has put a huge dent into our plan to go to the zoo's Twilight Thursday tonight with Lily's little friend, as well as our weekend plans - and if this cold lasts as long as the previous one, our plans for the next 2-3 weeks are shot.

There should be a cosmic law against summer colds. It's just not right to be stuck feeling like crap with the weather is so beautiful.

But the bright side is that instead of being cooped up indoors with gloomy weather while she feels sicky, she can play outside and enjoy the sunshine, and even go swimming since our pool is at least 80 degrees and feels like a giant bath. That should make feeling sick a little less sucky. I guess. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Now, off to find the snot sucker... wish me luck!


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