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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Write {1} :: The Inspiration

Today one of my fellow bloggers at SIMPLE wrote a post that she linked to another post called Just Write. Those two words immediately impacted me with their simplicity and directness...



Don't overthink. Don't plan. Don't worry about what people will think or if it will be interesting or if it will be controversial. Just write! As someone who both enjoys and loathes writing, this is some of the most inspirational advice I've gotten in a while. My blog frequently comes to a standstill because of writer's block, or because I don't have "time" to plan a blog post. I need to stop trying to come up with topics and ideas and JUST WRITE!

So here goes...

Today I am working on a July 2012 photo book for my little one - I've been documenting her life in photo book form since she was born, and I am completely smitten with the idea.  They are a bit pricey and take time to put together, and sometimes I get behind by a few months, but they are fun to create and personalize and save me from having to bust out the tubs and buckets of scrapbooking supplies that I've tucked away in my office. {note to self: sell that crap already!}  I start each one with a little paragraph that serves as a snapshot of her development and our family time together.  I am glad to have these since my memory isn't the greatest anymore.

I'm very tired from the bike trek last weekend, but I'm recovering.  I need to just write about that experience.

When I get home, I plan to enjoy a Crispin cider.  Maybe tomorrow I'll just write about it...

So many things to just write about all of a sudden!


*linking to just write*


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