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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beer Tasting Notes :: Dogfish Head 120 Minute Imperial IPA

So does everyone remember the hype about Pliny the Younger? Raise your hand if you stood in line to sample that fabled ale at any point during its ultra-limited release in NorCal. I personally didn't. I wasn't planning to even sample it, but stumbled upon it during Sacramento Beer Week. You can read my tasting notes here

So yes, it was a lovely beer. A very lovely beer. It was a joy to drink it, and I do wish that it wasn't quite so mythical and rare. 

However, I have a beer to share with you that is damn near equal (dare I say BETTER) than Pliny the Younger, and is much more available. Check it out:

Dogfish 120 Minute IPA
Sweet, oh so sweet! Beautiful fruity hops! Comfortable warm alcohol that relaxed my body from the inside out. Very balanced and just beautiful. Very impressive.

The verdict: 120 Minute wins the battle, in my opinion. It's more readily available, though pricey - but well worth the cost for the effort put into it - continuously hopped during a 2 hour boil, then dry hopped daily in the fermenter for an entire month, then aged for another month on whole leaf hops.* Seriously, Dogfish put an amazing beer forth in 120 Minute.

I don't want to discount PTY, but its rarity definitely puts it behind the running for me. PTY is gorgeous and tasty, but my chances of sampling it again? Who knows! And my chances of sampling 120M again? 100%.

Bravo, and thank you, Dogfish Head!


*Source: BeerAdvocate

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