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Monday, May 13, 2013

Easy Mother's Day Craft :: Use a Child's Painting to make a Card for Mom (and Nana and Grandma)

I hung mine on my cork board in the kitchen - I LOOOOVE it!
My kiddo loves to paint. Watercolors are her chosen medium.

I went to our local newspaper office and purchased an "end roll" (last bit of paper left over from a news run - but it's actually a TON of paper!) for just a few bucks, and we've been using it as watercolor paper. She has so many paintings that I don't know what to do with them all. Seriously, this kid LOVES to paint.

I have photographed most of her paintings, so when the time comes, I can recycle them... or, I can upcycle them! Today, I had the brilliant idea to use a couple of her paintings to make cards for Mother's Day for myself, my mom (Nana) and Jim's mom (Grandma).

For my card, I used a sheet of white card stock, scissors, a hole punch, yarn, and a painting. I simply cut a section of the painting down to about 7.5x10, laid it on top of the card stock, punched holes all around, and then sewed them together with yarn. SO. EASY! Look at how it came out:

For Nana and Grandma, I simply cut out a piece of each painting, cut into a shape (heart, rectangle, etc). I then punched two holes at the top and ran a piece of yarn through each hole and tied it in a bow so that the card could be hung. I used a purple sharpie to write "Happy Mother's Day" on each. Again, SO EASY, even a Dad could to it... *wink*

This could easily be done for any occasion. Which means I'll be saving ALL of Lily's paintings so I can upcycle them for special occasions!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there! Hope you had a lovely day!



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