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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Help your kiddo stay safe this Halloween with Stride Ride Racer Light shoes!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stride Rite. I received products to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.”

Halloween Collage

Halloween is here! We have been doing some really fun Halloween activities and crafts over the past couple of weeks, and that has included wearing many costumes. My kiddo can't choose just one costume and went through a wardrobe change during her Halloween party over the weekend - she started as a princess and later changed into a "rainbow" (as you can see, rainbows have more freedom to run down slides than princesses in dresses).

Stride Rite Collage 1

People ask what she will be for Halloween, and I tell them, "Indecisive." :) She has asked to be a princess, a pirate, a mermaid, an owl... Today she dressed as a witch, and you should check out her awesome Halloween shoes - they LIGHT UP!!!!

Stride Rite Halloween Collage

So no matter what costume she chooses tomorrow night for trick or treating, she will be wearing those Stride Rite Starpower Racer Lights shoes! The shoes light up with every step she takes, so they make her more visible in the dark. We will also give the kids each a glow stick to wear around their necks so we can see them better, and we will carry flash lights for safety, but I am totally grateful for light up shoes!

My kiddo adores the light up component of the shoes, but she also calls them her "running shoes" (appropriately). She is extremely active, and she always wants her "running shoes" when we are headed out to play so she can run faster. Smart kid!

In my experience, Stride Rite means quality. One of the first pairs of shoes that we bought for her when she started to walk were Stride Rites, and they held up SO much better than the inexpensive shoes we had bought at our local superstore. They held up so well that even though she played hard in them, she outgrew them before they were worn out, so we were able to hand them down to someone else! The inexpensive store shoes wore out before she outgrew them. Stride Rites are awesome quality and are way worth the few extra bucks just because of their longevity!

Stride Rite Collage 2

Stride Rite shoes have a ton of light up and themed shoe options to go with any Halloween costume. Check out their Halloween shop HERE. They are offering themed shoes around some of the season’s hottest costumes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Star Wars, Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse. They carry several brands, including Stride Rite, Sperry Top-Sider, Keds, Saucony and Jessica Simpson.

Racer Lights™ by Stride Rite Starpower (Toddler) :: $52.00

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