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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Using a Skateboard as a Shelf :: Make a Personal Statement in Your Home Decorating

Looking to make a bold decorating statement in your home? Think outside the box and take a look around your garage for treasures!

My hubby was an avid skateboarder back in the day, and when we needed a shelf for a speaker in our living room, he suggested using one of his old skateboards that was just collecting dust in the garage.

The other half of this project, the shelf brackets, were also collecting dust in the garage. I had picked them up at Restoration Hardware on clearance for just $5 each several years ago, with the intention of doing something cool with them... well, they finally found their home! Check it out!

Skateboard Shelf Collage

I think this turned out SO awesome!

Please ignore the fact that the Meowna Lisa is not centered in the photo... I keep forgetting to fix that... :)


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