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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day 2013 :: Recycled, Upcycled and Reusable Home Good Patterns {Pinterest Round Up}

Earth Day Craft Collage 2013 - 2-1

Are you crafty? Do you want to hug the planet by reducing your contribution to landfills? Do you like to upcycle old clothes and linens into reusable goods? Do you have an unbelievable stash of fabric and yarn that you've been hoarding and really need to destash??

Good, me too.

To celebrate Earth Day, I scoured Pinterest to find the best tutorials for reusable goods that can replace disposable goods in our homes.

Replace your paper napkins, paper towels, plastic baggies, plastic (and paper!) shopping bags, sponges and disposable swiffer pads with lovely, fashionable, long-lasting, reusable cloth!

It really is easy, and does SO much for our planet! Also, can you imagine how cute you'll feel with all of your awesome stashed fabric ACTUALLY IN USE?! I'm so excited!

1. Sandwich Cozy (doubles as a placemat!)
2. Mitred Corner Cloth Napkins (I've already made 2 sets using this pattern, and I LOVE it!)
3. Lunch Box Cloth Napkins (alternative corner method if the mitered corners intimidate you)
4. Knotted Reusable Lunch Sacks (no more brown bagging it!)
5. Crocheted Reusable Kitchen Sponge 1 (fancy looking sponges)
6. Crocheted Wash Cloths (to replace paper towels/sponges)
7. Crocheted Reusable Kitchen Sponge 2 (super basic sponges)
8. Crocheted Reusable Face Scrubbers (to replace the disposable cotton rounds)
9. Upcycled T-Shirt Shopping Bags (out with plastic bags!)
10. Crocheted Market Bag (I hear the farmer's market calling my name...)
11. Reusable Kitchen Towels (designed to act like a paper towel roll!)
12. Reusable Coffee Cozy (stop wasting those cardboard ones, and look fashionable at the same time!
13. Reusable Fleece Swiffer Pads (so easy, only need scissors! no sew!)


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