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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Make your own Recycled Crayons for Earth Day :: Color the Earth Green {and Blue!}

2013 Earth Day Crayon Craft Collage

In our house, we like to draw.

My big man (who is already 3 and a half!!) likes to write notes, do homework, make lists, and plain ole draw draw draw!  He does this with pencils, chalk (all over the bricks, sidewalk, house, gate...much to his Da's dismay), and pens, and of course, crayons!

So, I thought a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, would be to make our own Earth crayons.

I was inspired by an image on Pinterest, so I can't take credit for originality.....but wow! Did we have fun! This is also a nice quiet activity that can be done anywhere...we spread out on the carpet while watching Pooh.   

Little hands make quick work of peeling crayon wrappers. I had hoped that we could use sun power to melt the crayons, but it rained today and ruined my plans. Luckily, the oven can do the same thing, so about 12 minutes at 230 degrees and you have new crayons from old and broken ones.  A beautiful way to recycle!

Big Man says he is going to share these with his friends; maybe Te and Mow, Jakey and Vee and another special little Lily flower who likes to hug trees, collect acorns and draw, too!

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