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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make your own Sun Catchers :: Supervised Craft for Kids for Earth Day {or any day} :: Can the Earth Catch the Sun?

2013 Earth Day Sun Catcher Collage2

Can the Earth Catch the Sun?

You bet!

While the oven was hot when we did our Recycled Earth Day Crayons, we thought we would do another one of our favorite repurposing crafts. Sun catchers!

These sun catchers are made from melted pony beads - so easy, and so fun!

Sun Catcher (2)

We chose to use Earthy blues, greens and whites to celebrate Earth Day, but the awesome thing about this project is that you can make them for any holiday, event, mood or season by just changing the colors you use!

Sun Catcher (3)

Place the oven-proof containers on a cookie sheet, and put it in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes, or until melted. Once these cool, they pop right out of the container. Drill a quick hole at the top and string some fishing line, and you have a lovely little Earthy sun catcher for the window.

Granted, these aren't perfectly accurate depictions of the planet :) but it is art... and the beads have taken some liberties!

Sun Catcher (5-2)

This is another Pinterest find. Can you tell that I am hooked?

Sun Catcher (5-1)

"These are going in the playroom," I was told. Fine by me!

Sun Catcher (6)

I think that they are perfect.

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