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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beer Tasting Notes {La Trappe Tripel}

I have to admit, I have a penchant for Belgian Tripels {right, cause you didn't notice??}  

La Trappe Tripel is an Abbey Tripel brewed by De Koningshoeven in Bavaria.  It is brewed with coriander seeds, which gives it a spicy flavor.

La Trappe Tripel 
This 8% ABV Abbey Tripel is golden orange in color, and pours with a nice cream colored frothy head.  It has a lovely aroma of malt, sweet yeast, and spicy banana.  The alcohol warmth is apparent as it hits my tongue, and that boozy flavor mixes well with a light caramel sweetness hiding behind the spicy malts and fruity yeast.  A very pleasant brew, but I wouldn't recommend it as a first jaunt into the world of Tripels.  It isn't my favorite Tripel, but it was worth drinking.  Cheers!

Coriander = Cilantro!  Here in the US, and in Spanish speaking countries, we call the leaves of the coriander plant "cilantro" while we name the seeds "coriander."  The rest of the English speaking world calls the whole plant "coriander."  


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  1. I never knew about the Coriander/Cilantro connection. You really do learn something new every day!


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