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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daddy Day

Jim decided that he wanted a day just for him and Lily.  So he sent me off to work, gave Nana the day off, and proclaimed it Daddy Day.  He was successful in getting her down for one of her two regular naps, and took her on an adventure to the park, where they enjoyed the geese and ducks.  This is the photo that he texted to me:

Mommy is jealous of Daddy Day.  *smile*

I think that Daddy Day is going to become a more regular occurrence.  Lucky baby!



  1. That is precious! IIt is nice to know she is in good hands when you leave. :)

    debbie m

  2. DH hasn't ventured into a "Daddy Day" yet... hmmm maybe I need to show this to him. :)

  3. too cute! Our kids occasionally go with just Daddy *if I'm sick, usually) and it's always an adventure for everyone!

  4. So sweet! My hubby loves daddy time too!

  5. That is fantastic initiative on his part!


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