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Monday, October 24, 2011

Party Planning :: On Pinatas {and how not to get sued}

My best friend and I like to banter via email or text messages throughout the day.  It makes our repetitive and tedious office work more tolerable.  Today we started discussing the first birthday parties for our daughters.  It started out as a real conversation about how we want the parties to be simple and easy… and then this conversation happened.

She :: You know what I don't care for? Pinatas. Its not a good idea to give a kid who can't see a stick and ask them to swing.

Me :: I love pinatas, but I see your point!

She :: I don't care for them. They are always filled with those butterscotch and strawberry candies that I don't like anyways.

Me :: I'd fill them with unicorns and dreams

She :: That's not going to work. You're going to need tangible items like whistles and paperclips.

Me :: Really?  I kinda had my heart set on unicorns and dreams... but I guess I could bend paperclips into the shape of unicorn horns and into little Z’s to represent dreams, and fill it with those.

She :: Not dangerous at all. Let's blindfold a child, give them a weapon, ask them to hit an object they can't see with tons of children next to him, and finally the object is going to explode with little sharp metal z's.

Me :: That's the new theme for Lily's birthday party, Sharp Metal Z’s.

She :: Yeah, a lawsuit party!  What kind of float will Lily make her entrance on?

Me :: One made of butterscotch and strawberry candies.



  1. Ha ha! Only in California would we discusss lawsuit parties!!

    debbie m
    dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

  2. haha, I have always thought it was not a good idea to give hyper children a stick and TELL them to hit something.


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