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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SIMPLE Cloth Diaper Week :: October 23-29 {Video Bloopers!}

I am really excited about the upcoming Cloth Diaper week that I am co-hosting on SIMPLE next week! I have had the opportunity to review some awesome cloth diapers and accessories. I decided to make a video for each of the diapers reviewed. My hubby helped me out... and I was able to record some successful videos once he figured out that the difference between the little flashing recording light (that blinks when the video is recording) and the low battery icon, which blinks when the video is NOT recording... he actually recorded the spaces BETWEEN my diaper speeches... But it made for a couple of funny bloopers!

"Uh Oh"
Here's where we realized that Jim had accidentally been recording the spaces between...

"The Boob/Bra Strap Discussion Blooper"
Jim was helping to prep me for what I'd say in my videos...

"The Phineas Blooper"
This one occurred near the end, after the "recording issue" was resolved... Phineas wanted to get in on the blooper action.




  1. OMG Jess I am dying over here. I love this...Tooo funny.

  2. LOL... the dog drinking through the last blooper is way too funny!!

    great idea to have videos:)

  3. This is so funny - we have all done this at some time! We love cloth diapers!

  4. Hahaha funny and cute! :) Thanks for your hard work!!! We love your giveaways over at Simple.


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