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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tis {Almost} the Season :: Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints to the Rescue!

It's the end of September, and Fall is barely in the air here in the Northern California valley... Halloween is just around the corner, and Thanksgiving too... but I am already seeing Christmas items in the stores, and it's making me antsy about Christmas cards!  I love customized cards, they are so much more personal, so I like to get photo cards.  I'm so excited to get awesome photo cards this year, and I already know I'll be getting them from Tiny Prints.

I used Tiny Prints at Mother's Day and Father's Day, and they saved me a trip to the store to pore over possible cards with a wee babe in tow - I was able to sit at the computer during one of Lily's naps to choose and customize the perfect card.  My parents, Jim's parents, and Lily's great grandpa all loved their custom cards.  I was impressed with the vibrance of the colors and the crispness of the photo.  And when you consider that Tiny Prints cards are comparable in price to greeting cards at the store, why not make custom cards for the special people in your lives?

I've been looking at all of the Tiny Prints Christmas card options, and it is so hard to choose just one as my favorite!  However, you all know I am obsessed with color, so this is currently the top contender:

...or maybe for a more classical look:
Christmas Cards Banner of Dreams - Front : White

...or maybe this one, it's very whimsical!
Christmas Cards Swirly Plates - Front : Winterberry
...and it also comes in tri-fold!

So I guess the hardest part of this process is going to be choosing the card itself!  

Tiny Prints' card customization software is so easy to use. Uploading photos and dropping them into your chosen card is simple.  Then you can quickly customize the text as you wish (they provide sample text in case you're not feeling creative), and presto! your beautiful, customized, personal greeting card is complete!

Tiny Prints also ships cards directly to your friends and family!  
Now you can have Tiny Prints mail your cards, invitations or announcements directly to recipients! Just choose the "Mail for Me" option, tell us who to send them to and we'll do all the work from there. Not only will you save time, you'll also save on shipping costs — all you have to do is pay for stamps and envelope printing.  You'll save even more time if you set up your Tiny Prints Address Book in advance. You can import contacts from almost any other digital address book, or enter your friends and family members into the system one at a time. Then, when you place an order, you can select the people you want to add to your mailing list from your Tiny Prints Address Book with just one click!
There is an excel template that you can download from Tiny Prints in which you can enter your entire address book (if you're anything like me, you already have all of your contacts in an excel spreadsheet... I'm a spreadsheet geek... so sue me!).  Once your spreadsheet is complete, you simply upload the file!  Super simple!

I'm so excited to get family portraits done so I can choose the Tiny Prints Christmas card that best fits our photos!  And I'm really looking forward to not having to hand-address all of my cards this year! {I'm busy with a baby, not lazy... ok, maybe just a *little* lazy}




  1. Really wonderful post.!


  2. I cannot believe today is the last day if October and I seriously need to start looking at Holiday cards!!! Love the whimsical one :) and the classic one is so, so cute!

  3. I hadn't seen folded cards before. I love those.


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