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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beer Tasting Notes {Left Coast Asylum Belgian Style Golden Ale and Hop Juice}

We tried this beer last night.  I wish I could say that I liked it, but...  I just can't.

Left Coast Asylum Belgian Style Tripel Ale
This 11% ABU beer is, sadly, awful.  I really feel bad when I don't like a beer, but this beer is like an orange slice candy overdose.  It tastes and smells like earthy, sour oranges - like if you left a bushel of oranges in a dirt floored cellar to ferment for a year... and then asked Cousin Earl to make beer out of them by stomping on them while wearing his sweaty gym socks that he hadn't changed all year just for the occasion.  Yuck.  Sorry Left Coast.  Not only is this not even close to a Belgian style Tripel, it's not even close to beer.

Left Coast Hop Juice Double IPA
I only took a couple sips of this 9.4% ABU DIPA... I couldn't drink any more than that.  It was shockingly bitter and astringent.  I felt like I was drinking a household cleaning product.  I didn't even bother getting up from the couch (Lily was napping on my lap) to take a photo.  Sorry again, Left Coast.  Swing and a miss.


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