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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pears are Yummy!

Yesterday Lily tried pears for the first time.  This was her second try with solid food; we tried mashed avocado mixed with breast milk the first time, and she wasn't into it.  But pears, oh pears, she loves them so.  She smiles when the spoon heads her way, she growls (yes, growls!) when I take too long to get the next bite ready.  She's a pro already.  Not that I'm surprised - this is the kid who can't get enough time at the breast, so naturally she is a fast study when it comes to eating!  I can't believe she's already almost 5 months old.  Time flies!

Oh, you might be wondering why her first food is not rice cereal.  Watch this video interview of Dr. Alan Greene.  I've struggled with my weight all my life; if there is anything I can do to start Lily on the right track, I'll do it!  I agree with Dr. Greene's reasoning - think about what babies ate as their first solid foods before rice cereal started to be produced... fruits and vegetables!  So why not get back to that?  I'm sold.

Have a great week!


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