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Friday, April 8, 2011

I Love My Husband, and We Love Beer! ~ {National Beer Day Tasting Notes}

In honor of National Beer Day yesterday, Jim brought home some new (and old favorite) beers to try!  He's such a good hubby!

21st Amendment Brewery (SF) Back in Black, Black IPA
Unfortunately, neither Jim nor I really enjoyed this beer.  The hops missed the boat apparently, because I couldn't taste even the faintest of hop notes.  On the contrary, it was heavy on the roasted malts and had a chocolatey flavor.  If it didn't say Black IPA on the can, I would have pegged this as a very light Porter.  It lacked body and really didn't do much for my taste buds.  I wonder if it was an old can and the hops had mellowed (hop flavor diminishes with age)?  When Jim ordered it at the brewery last month, we both remember it being hoppier... 

Mad River Brewing Double Dread Imperial Red
YAY!!  I love Double Dread!  As a seasonal beer in Mad River's rotation, I only get the chance to drink it once a year.  I didn't get to drink one last night (had a PranQster and tasted the Back in Black instead), but I can't wait to have one tonight.  Since this is an old favorite, I can conjure the tasting notes from memory (ah, sweet memory...)  This is a hopped up, unfiltered red ale with a slightly cloudy brown-red color.  Don't let the yeast sediment scare you!  The citrusy hops are perfectly balanced with a sweet caramely malt finish.  Though I do like it fresh from the brewery, I'm not a huge hophead like Jim is, so I prefer my Double Dread when it has aged for a few months so the hops mellow a little, which really lets the sweet malt base shine.  This means at least one bottle is going into our beer cellar for Fall tasting.  YAY!  Man, I love this beer. 

La Trappe Quadrupel Ale & La Trappe Oak Aged Quadrupel Ale
Salivating... if you know me, you know I'm a Belgian-beer-head.  La Trappe is a Trappist brewery in Belgium, so the beer is brewed by monks.  This breastfeeding mommy couldn't indulge in too many tastings in one night (drat!) so we'll be trying these two beers over the weekend and I'll hook you up with the tasting notes on Monday...  did I mention that I LOVE MY HUSBAND?

I hope you had some great beers on National Beer Day



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