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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cry it Out: FAIL

So I have officially given up on Cry it Out.  Lily is just too stubborn (like her daddy!) and I swear she'd cry for 8 hours straight if I let her.  A friend suggested the book No-Cry Sleep Solution, and I'm going to give that a go.

Being a first time parent is really hard.  It's difficult to find my parenting "style" and I keep changing my mind about what are the best ways to deal with things.  For example, I thought I'd be down to let Lily cry until she fell asleep, then I thought it was a terrible idea, then I thought it was an ok idea, now I don't like it again.  I feel like someone with multiple parenting personalities.

I am sure that lots of parents go through this - second guessing every decision and parenting theory, changing and adapting routines as opinions fluctuate.  I just wish I was one of those people to whom parenting comes naturally.  But since it doesn't, I'll just keep asking my friends, family and my mommy group for advice (I am so thankful for them!) and reading books and changing direction when something doesn't work for Lily.

Wish me luck!


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