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Friday, April 1, 2011

I Can’t Find My Keys… or My Brain

One of the most obvious signs that motherhood has changed me is that I’ve lost my mind.

This is apparent when I consider how many times I have “lost” my car keys (which were actually sitting in plain sight within 15 feet of where I was pulling my hair out) and how many times I have left my bra in a room other than my bedroom and have spent 15 frantic minutes looking for it when getting ready for work in the morning.  Or when I take a trip to Target to buy diapers, and return home to realize that I bought everything BUT diapers.  Oops!  Hey, I remembered that cute rattle that Lily loves so much!  *smile*

Most of my mommy friends say that this phenomenon gets better.  I know it has to because most of the moms I know are awesome and are very “together” – or at least they put up a believable front *wink*!

I’ll settle for key and bra searches.  I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything.


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