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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cry It Out?

To cry or not to cry, that is the question.

Lily does not like sleeping alone.  Scratch that... Lily typically REFUSES to sleep alone.  That means naps are on someone's shoulder or lap and bedtime is with mommy in bed (don't worry, she is safe!).  She will sometimes sleep in her swing, but only if we are successful in transferring her from a shoulder to the swing without waking her. 

Our pediatrician, Dr. Cooper, really wants us to get Lily to sleep alone before she can walk (phew, at least I have some time!).  He suggested putting her in her crib, giving her kisses, and then letting her cry herself to sleep if necessary.  He also suggested gradually working up to this by letting her cry in ten minute increments, soothing and patting her in between.  Unfortunately, Lily gets herself so hysterically worked up in less than 5 minutes that I just can't bring myself to leave her for 10.

This is Lily after "crying it out" for only 10 minutes:

Sorry Dr. Coop, this is just not how I want my baby to be broken down.  Can you imagine letting this poor creature go on for any longer?

I know that she needs to be able to sleep in her own bed alone, so do I just have to bite the bullet and let her cry?  Or do I hope that as she gets older she will want to sleep alone (wishful thinking?!), and that naptime and bedtime will become easier?  Do we just need to get a routine down - dinner, bath, story, bedtime?  I don't know the answer, but I'll keep you all posted!


Lucky me, she just went down for a nap in her swing, and only cried for two minutes before passing out!  Progress already!!!  Yay!



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